Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Going for a hard truth about writing today. You’ve been warned.

Your friends and family members are going to lie to you. It’s a fact. They’ll tell you they bought the book when they haven’t. They’ll tell you they read it and liked it, even if they haven’t cracked the spine or gone past downloading the file.

Why, you ask? Why would they lie about that? There’s a couple possibilities.

1. They have every intention of buying/reading your book, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

2. They hated the book and don’t know how to tell you without hurting your feelings. This includes those who would never read your genre to begin with.

3. You’re being a total pain in the backside in asking them about it and lied to shut you up.

While #1 and #2 are understandable, you’re directly responsible for #3. In other words, don’t be a total jackass. With all the holidays coming up, there’s bound to be a few family gatherings. Don’t dominate the party with talk about your book. Don’t bring a signed copy as a host/ess gift. Don’t hand out glossies of your latest book cover as party favors.

If you’re asked what you’re doing these days, talk about your book. But make sure that’s not all you talk about. Friends and relatives are just that – friends and relatives. If they care about you and truly wish to be supportive, they’ve bought your book. The sale has been made. They’re recommending it to friends outside of your mutual circle.

Uncle Bob who only reads westerns isn’t going to want to hear twenty minutes from you about your new romance novel.

If you don’t want them lying to you, then don’t force them into a corner. Be a pleasant person and not the boor who sees the gathering as another sales opportunity.


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