Last Monday With….Jessica Walsh & Briana Lawrence!

Today, we get to catch up with authors Jessica Walsh & Briana Lawrence!

1.       What’s the title of your latest release? Link?
Seeking the Storyteller is the first in our current series
2.       Why do you like writing in this genre?
Jessica: I love taking our world which everyone knows, and adding things into the shadows and hopefully writing it well enough that the reader will take an extra look at the shadows next time they pass them.
Briana:  I agree.  I like the idea that there is more in this world than just us.  The world is a big place, so I like playing with the idea of there being many layers to it.  I like supernatural abilities and putting them in a normal context, you know?  This creature is extraordinary to us, and on the flip side we’re extraordinary to this creature.  Things we may take for granted are so fascinating, that was the most fun parts to write.  Demons in our world looking at things like, “What’s a T.V.?”  And us looking at demons like, “You shoot fire out of your hands.”  They’re both things that each party takes for granted, but it so fascinating to someone else.
3.       What do you like to read?
Jessica: I love reading horror and urban fantasy.  I also have a soft side for all sorts of fanfiction.
Briana:  Manga, comic books, and like Jessica said: fanfiction. We both used to write it like crazy, it’s such a great medium in writing that I think gets weird looks, but who hasn’t thought about how certain characters act after the credits roll?
4.       Favorite movie?
Jessica: Hands down it’s Labyrinth.  I could watch that movie endlessly.
Briana:  I think it changes depending on what I watch.  Currently, this year, it’s Captain America: Winter Soldier.  However, if you’re looking for a movie that I can throw on at any time and be entertained?  Mortal Kombat.  I have the whole thing memorized.
5.       What are your writing habits? Music or silence? Daily regimen or spurts of creativity?
Jessica: I usually write during the lunch breaks of my normal desk job, so small spurts of writing before I’m forced to go back to work.  It helps me get a lot done in a little amount of time.
Briana:  I try a daily regimen but honestly I think it’s whenever my muses are like, “Hey, write that down!”  So that’s what I end up doing.  I can’t write in complete silence though, because I start looking around and my mind starts wandering.  So usually it’s music, with headphones, or sometimes at Baker’s Square with Jessica.
6.       What was the most surreal moment you’ve had as a author?
Jessica: The first convention we sold out book at we sold out in just over a day.  I wasn’t expecting that and it was a big shock.
Briana:  I agree, it sold very well!  We didn’t have enough copies and that was the best feeling.  I think the most surreal moment I had, personally, was my mom calling me and saying that she put my name in Amazon and so many books popped up.  I actually have three published, plus two that are in anthologies.  Just… that phone call was so amazing, I typed my name in Amazon and just stared at the screen.

7.       How can readers find you?
Jessica:  I’m on facebook, goodreads, deviantart, linkedin, pinterest… all that stuff.  Easiest way is to go to our main website and all the links are there in the sidebar.
Briana:  The website is best.  I have like 3 professional Facebook pages alone, the website will take you to all of them.
8.       What do you know now about being published that you wish you’d known before submitting?
Jessica: How much work it is to promote the book.  Most people thinks it’s just write the book and sell it and sit back and collect your money, but it’s a lot more work than that.  It’s fun, but yeah, a lot more work than expected.
Briana:  I agree, wholeheartedly.  I mean of course your publisher is going to help, but you also need to get your work out there, too.  For instance, my first book is through Damnation Books/Eternal Press.  They do a lot on their end: they go to conventions and have free things to give out with books, stuff like that.  And that’s great, but we don’t live in the same state (or same area of the U.S. for that matter), so I’m going to conventions that they’re not going to.  Not to mention that they have ALL of their books there, not just mine.  With us going to conventions ourselves we can focus on our work, which I’m sure Damnation does, but there’s a huge difference between having 50 books on tables from various authors versus having 3 that you wrote yourself that you can talk about extensively.
9.       Favorite snack/drink while writing?
Jessica: Mt Dew.  It’s my one major weakness.
Briana:  Hot chocolate or coffee, something warm and yummy, probably with a small snack like cake.

10.   Look at your writing area…what’s the item you keep to inspire you (piece of artwork, figurine)?
Jessica: I have a print of the front cover – which our cover artist sells – and two copies of the book.  I also have fanart that other people have done of our characters.
Briana:  My writing area is in progress, actually.  We’re getting my office together and I’m super excited!  It used to be our living room which has so much fun stuff in it like figurines from anime, comics, and video games.  It’s also where the T.V. is and all the video games.  The stuff isn’t as distracting as you’d think, but I’d just love to have a designated space and not take up the living room, which is supposed to be for entertainment.

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