‘Tis the Season!

Happy December!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We stayed home, kept things relaxed. Watched some football. Never put on a pair of socks to go anywhere. LOL

A lot of you went shopping. I know this, because I spent time behind a cash register all weekend at the seasonal job! For the most part, customers were good. Patient, not upset if we didn’t have something in a specific color or size. This is a good thing.

Today, it’s Cyber Monday. This is the day we’re supposed to go shopping online. Get all those great deals everywhere without leaving the comforts of home.

So, here’s my present to all of YOU!

If you’d like to give a copy of one of my print books to a friend, head over to CreateSpace (not Amazon, this only works if you order direct from CreateSpace) and start loading up your cart on my titles.

Daughter of Hauk 

Son of Corse

Mark of the Successor

Challenges Met

Then, at check out, input  YRUXKJ7X in the discount code area.

You’ve just saved 10% off of my books!

Happy Holidays everyone!


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