A Top Ten List of Sorts

Good morning!

Trying to gather my thoughts this morning, but it’s not been easy. Between my day job (which I LOVE) and a retail one for the holidays, I’m doing 50 hour weeks right now. Thank the Goddess I have a freezer full of coffee! LOL

No, I haven’t written much original stuff beyond this blog. Time is of a premium right now. The retail gig, however, ends in just a few more weeks. Braces are expensive, but books aren’t selling and the second job made it so the braces will be paid for by the end of February.

Because of the day job (did I mention I love it?), I run into all types of authors. Online, via submissions, etc. And I’ve created a Top Ten List of people who really should consider self publishing over traditional. This list is by no means a slam against every single author who chose that route! More, me venting a little frustration at personality types I’ve encountered that really would be doing themselves (and publishers/agents) a favor by doing so.

Think of Jeff Foxworthy’s ‘You May Be A Redneck’ jokes and follow each with ‘You may want to self publish’. LOL

1. If you think every publisher/agent is out to cheat authors
2. If you refuse to relinquish any control over editing, proofreading, formatting, cover art
3. If you think it’s a publisher’s ‘job’ to promote your title and only your title.
4. If you’re an unmitigated, arrogant jerk
5. If your first instinct when seeing a statement you don’t like is to threaten to sue
6. If you’re going to blame anyone and everyone BUT yourself for your poor sales
7. If you think a highly recognized and respected author has ‘nothing on you’
8. If you believe every single person who tells you they bought your book did so
9. If you can’t follow directions
10. If you see every other sale of a book as one that should’ve been yours

There you go! Did you laugh at all? The problem is that there are individuals like that in the world. Yes, there’s some agents/publishers who have screwed over authors. But most Houses are decent people trying to celebrate the written word and get your story out to readers. They all want the same thing you do – a successful title – so don’t waste their time if you can’t be a decent person and do your part.

Publishing’s changed a lot over the years. It’s no longer deals made over lunch at Tavern on the Green in NYC. It’s not about big tours and movie deals. It’s about writing a good story, rolling up your sleeves, and working WITH your publisher to sell it to the world. With social media, readers want to connect with the authors they like and get to know them. It’s more than a photo on the dust jacket. It’s knowing they’ll take the time to say hello to you.

So,if you’ve taken the time to read this blog: hello! If you’ve also read any of my books , it’s much appreciated. Becoming a name people associate with books is not easy to do. It takes time, dedication, and a day job. It’s months where nothing sells, followed by one where you sell 2 copies. It’s about being positive, seeing new opportunities and jumping on them, and staying hopeful when it feels like the readers of the world hate your work.

It’s about being a decent person who works well with others.


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