When Life Gives You Lemons

Good morning! It’s Monday. Boy, is it a Monday!

There’s been some really interesting times in our house over the last six weeks. I won’t bore you with details, but the stress level’s been up there due to some medical issues. From what the doctor said after the last surgery (yep,there were two procedures done), it’s finally cleared up. Not life threatening, just painful and needed to be dealt with for my hubby.

When you get blindsided with things like that, other things either get shoved aside or put into clear focus. Sometimes both. While I didn’t write any during all this, I thought about writing. And realized I’ve been away from it too long.

See, wanting to be an author isn’t enough. You have to sit your backside into the chair and do it. You have to be willing to admit that every word you put to paper may not be gold. That maybe your editor really does know best (that’s why you asked for their honest opinion, right?). That the cover might need some specifications you didn’t think of or know about to work which is why you can’t have 3 shades of purple on the title.

It’s spending the time on FB and Twitter, doing cold calls at local mom and pop bookstores, and being your own publicist who contacts local media.

It’s about taking the bad sales months on the chin, and channeling your inner Scarlett O’Hara to face the next day with renewed optimism. It’s deciding you want a career, not be a one book wonder.

Just like any other career, this one will take years if not decades to create. It boggles my mind the number of authors I meet who think they’ll be rich within 2 weeks of the release of their first book. It’s a pipe dream, not reality. Even the so-called ‘overnight success’ stories you hear of spent years working to get to that point, or had to go through something so horrific, and survived to tell their story, that you have to get that book so you know the details.

Me? I’d rather spend years squeezing lemons and making lemonade than get there overnight. Too many pitfalls. Too many unanswered questions. Am I really ready to face the media onslaught? Will I need to hire bodyguards for my kids while they’re at school because of threats? Is walking the red carpet at a movie premiere the highpoint of my life?

Or is waking up next to my husband, knowing I can sit down and write today?

Yeah, it’s the latter.


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