On Piracy, and who it truly hurts

Yes, it’s Thursday. But this got in my head and it’s too important to wait.

I had someone tell me they bought books from a site, one I’d never heard of. They said they went there because it was cheaper.

It’s a pirate site.

I get it. Times are still rough for lots of us. And, saving $1 or $2 on an ebook sounds like a great deal, right? After all, who does it really hurt? (that’s what the person said to me).

Who does it hurt?

How about the person who wrote the book?!?!?! The cover artist, editor, proofreader, publisher?

Buying from a pirate site is NOT a victim less crime. Authors don’t make tons of money, hand over fist, off of a single sale. It takes thousands. By frequenting these sites, you’re stealing from the very authors you claim to love. From the very people you want to write more.

All to save a buck.

Did you save it? Sure. Because the dollar you saved is NOT going to the author.

You’re stealing directly from the author.

That’s a dollar they might’ve needed to replace an ink cartridge, feed their children, pay the electric bill. It might be the difference between finishing the next book tonight or next month. Maybe next year.

But it’s just me. I’m only one person. It’s only a dollar. It shouldn’t impact THAT much.

It does, when you consider you’re one of a few THOUSAND who do this daily.

All of my ebooks are listed on Amazon. They’re not listed on any other site that I know of as of this posting. Not a legitimate site, anyway. If you went to another site today and found one of my ebooks up for sale, let me know. It’s a pirate site, and I’ll scream and throw a fit like you’ll never want to see to the people who stole my work.

Because that’s MY hard work. My hours away from my family. My imagination and thought and hard work that they stole to make a profit.

It’s my time that you don’t think is worth the extra money to buy from Amazon.


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