And I’m back!

Hello everyone!

Vacation was a blast! Muse the Purrbot has forgiven me for leaving her for a full week. Much coffee was purchased during our visit to Harry & David. And even more relaxing happened.

Yes, you can drive 7+ hours most days and relax. LOL

I’ve got things going on ‘Sanctuary’ again. And I’m thinking of a great promotion for later this summer! I need YOUR help with it, though.

The plan is to give away a tote bag filled with print books, promo cards, and either a t-shirt or coffee mug (winner’s pick). Both the tote bag and shirt/mug would have covers on them!

So, let me know what covers interest you the most….do you want to have your morning coffee with ‘Fin’s Magic’ or ‘Mark of the Successor’? Carry books to the beach with ‘Daughter of Hauk’? Let me know! I really do want to hear from my readers what they think my best covers are.


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