A new short story and a contest!


The coolest thing happened earlier this week! I got invited on Twitter to enter a contest! First time that’s happened, and I’m honored!

Went through some short stories and found a favorite. Just uploaded it to the site today. If you have time, please give it your vote and share the link.



2 thoughts on “A new short story and a contest!

  1. Inkitt contacted me out of the blue about this contest as well, with an almost spammy personal message on Reddit. I checked out their site and contest, but the total lack of any information about their rights to works submitted was a huge red-flag to me. You’re the second person I’ve encountered today posting about Inkitt and their contest, so I think they are working hard with targeted marketing of their site.

    I’d advise caution. I don’t think a chance at winning a $40 Amazon card and a few printed copies of my story that I could make myself at Stapes is worth much risk.

    • I checked them out pretty thoroughly before submitting the story. Didn’t find anything I considered a red flag, to be honest. But I did vet them a bit. And checked with a few industry sources about them. Granted, I don’t expect great quality in the printed copies should I win, but I’m willing to go with the exposure.

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