When Reviews go Bad

Morning, everyone! I hope all is well with each of you.

I witnessed something very strange last week. Someone I knew posted an honest review of a story. They were, in my opinion, clear and concise as to what they did and didn’t like about the story. And that’s when the problems began.

It seems the author of the story had friends who disagreed with the review. To the point of not just arguing with them on that review, but on a number of other reviews they did. On other stories. And then they went to this individuals’ page on FB, and got personal.

It’s one thing to disagree with a review. A good author, or reader, is going to shrug it off. But it’s really bad form to then start to cyber bully someone on another site to ‘prove your point.’

By the way, my friend has been bullied in ways they’d never imagine. There was little they could say or do to make a dent in the way my friend felt. And it made them out to be the fools they are.

We have a responsibility, as an author, reader, or reviewer, to treat every person online with the same respect we would in person. Had I been the author of the story where this all stemmed from, I would’ve been beyond furious at my ‘friends’ for taking this approach. I’m an adult. I can fight my own battles, when they need to be fought. A valid critique is NOT a war field. I’m also enough of an adult to shrug off the personal attacks.

Leaving a review and/or recommending a book to a friend/co-worker/acquaintance is the BEST thing for authors. But, please, if you don’t like a review someone else left don’t go after the poster. Because your attempt to help is only going to damage things even worse. Now this author you love has a reputation of having out of control fans. The type that no publishing house wants to deal with.


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