Last Monday (Tuesday?) with V. M. Lopez!

The holiday threw me off a little. Should’ve posted this then, but was too busy with family stuff.

Everyone welcome V. M. Lopez!

1. What’s the title of your latest release? Link?

Journey to Tattva is my latest fantasy release. It can be found at:

2. Why do you like writing in this genre?

I like writing fantasy and science fiction because there is more freedom of imagination. If something doesn’t make sense logically, you can just make up a reason why it does and people will usually accept that. I also like to imagine myself in my own books as I am writing them, and there is just something about the way the stories make me feel that compel me to keep writing them.

3. What do you like to read?

I love to read a lot of dark fantasy, mostly Anne Rice. I do adore the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich though as well.

4. Favorite movie?

This is a toss up between “Say Anything” with John Cusack and “Ever After” with Drew Barrymore. My movie selections are typically opposite of my books selections for some odd reason.

5. What are your writing habits? Music or silence? Daily regimen or spurts of creativity?

When I first sit down to write, I typically start out by staring at the wall for the first 10 minutes. I just sort of zone out and reach deep into my mind, putting myself into “the zone” where I can tune out everything else around me. For some reason, old Motown ballads help me to get the creative juices flowing. When it’s too quiet, I tend to get scatterbrain so I need the music to relax.

6. What was the most surreal moment you’ve had as a author?

My most surreal moment is when Journey to Tattva was picked up by Solstice Publishing. Although I think the book is wonderful, I was having a heck of a time getting even my own family to read it. I really began to doubt myself.

7. How can readers find you?

Readers can find me on my Facebook page at or on Twitter @VictoriaLopez84. I also have a page on Amazon,, where you can find info on my other books, reviews and events.

8. What do you know now about being published that you wish you’d known before submitting?

I don’t think there is anything in particular I could say I wish I knew before submitting. I had contemplated submitting for a while and done my fair share of research, so I pretty much knew what to expect. If anything, I wish I had known how simple Solstice made the entire publishing process because I would have submitted things a lot sooner!

9. Favorite snack/drink while writing?

I always have a large cup of coffee close by when I’m writing. As the day progresses, I try to switch over to water, but that is easier said than done!

10. Look at your writing area…what’s the item you keep to inspire you (piece of artwork, figurine)?

My writing area itself is what inspires me. I sit at a very old, very beautiful dining room table that I inherited from my Great Great Grandmother. There is a certain energy that illuminates from it and it uplifts and motivates me. It is sort of like a pat on the back from beyond; encouragement to keep on going.


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