Shadows contests, cons, and YOU!

Morning, everyone!

Wow…it’s been a while since I’ve had THIS busy of a Monday morning! LOL But, this is publishing. Things happen over weekends that have to be dealt with on Monday. And it makes for a day that flies by!

One of the fun things going on is that Solstice Shadows has a contest that’s now open for entries! Seriously, you need to check it out and enter something! Great prizes, and an even better House for you and your book to thrive in!

On another bit of good news, I’ve taken a few steps forward to becoming a panelist at Geek Girl Con! The con is in Seattle, WA from October 10-11. It celebrates women in pop culture/geekdom, which is a great thing to spend two days talking about! Women are a big force in comics, pop culture, video games, books, etc. We write books and code, work on design and publishing, and do everything a guy can do. Plus, we usually smell better! LOL.

If you want a great weekend, check out the details on their website:


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