Who the real competition is

Good morning!

I know, it’s Tuesday. Not Monday. I was off camping with the SCA for 5 days straight and was too exhausted when I made it home to bother doing anything besides bathing and sleeping. LOL

I sold a few books (yeah!) while I was there, and met a couple of writers. Hopefully, I’ve encouraged them to take the leap, finish up their books, and submit them places.

For some reason, some authors see anyone else who writes in their genre as ‘competition’. They’re not. We aren’t competing against each other for readers. Most if not all readers will not stick to one author only. They may prefer them, go all fan boy/girl about them, but they read more than just the one author.

Readers read. A lot. We’re not in competition to get them. Not with each other. As authors, we should be encouraging those who want to be where we are. We have a duty, an obligation, to give feedback. To uplift them over discourage. Because we once were them.

The only person I’m in competition with is myself. To improve my craft with each story. To add new depth to the characters, more detail to the world. Give the reader more story to be lost in. Other authors aren’t what I have to compare myself to, for sales or otherwise. Because my voice is unique. As long as I’m writing, it’s being heard.


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