In Memory

Fourteen years ago, too many people died simply because they were at work, on an airplane, or meeting someone.

Fourteen years ago, too many people died because some others couldn’t accept that they were different in some way.

Fourteen years ago, too many of us mourned those who were murdered for no real reason.

Hate gets us nothing. Religious zealotry of ANY faith gets us nothing.

Fourteen years later, we’re still fighting hate and zealotry.

It’s one thing to use guns in war. It’s another to practice forgiveness and acceptance.

I’m not saying war is a bad thing. I was excited like the rest of the U.S. when Bin Laden was killed. And I am grateful to each and every soldier who has taken up arms to defend my family.

But I honor those who died every day by refusing to hate someone I don’t know because of their nationality, faith, sexuality, political leanings, or race.

I encourage you to do the same.


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