Being Thankful

Good morning!

Sometimes, the one thing we lose sight of as authors is being thankful for what we have. As writers, we always look ahead. To the next chapter we’re writing, to the next cover being shared with us, to the next release date. There’s always something ahead of us to look forward to us, strive for, work for.

We need to pause and remember we’ve achieved so much already. How many people do you know who told you they’d love to write a book ‘someday’? Or think you’re living a glamorous life because you’ve got a book or six out?

We have readers who love our work. We have editors and beta readers who help us make our books the best they can be. We have, in some cases, publishers who are there to lend support even if it’s not much beyond cheering us up on a bad day.

Whether we’re making money or not, we’ve achieved our dream. We wrote a story and dared to share it with the world. So many people out there want what we have, even if the reality is selling a single copy in three months, but are afraid to hit that send button to submit their work.

We should never forget, even when sales are bad or reviews aren’t coming in (good or bad), that life we led when all we did was dream of the day we could say we were published authors. I don’t know about you, but I won’t let myself go back to who I was then.

And, for that determination, I am very thankful.


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