Recovery, refocusing, and moving forward

I know, I didn’t make my post last Monday. I was kinda busy. We left town on Wednesday to attend my mom’s memorial service.

I spent most of the last week saying goodbye to her. Finding the best way to help my dad and older sister move forward. Reconciling myself to her passing. And resting from the emotional/mental drain from the week.

On a good note…”Alaric’s Bow” released on Dec. 1st!

So, now I’m in a mode to refocus myself. Move forward again. I’ve never had a big fear of death. Life goes on, even if those we love don’t. Words need to be said or written. Children still have birthdays. Holidays still happen.

Once my work time is done and lunch is done, it’s off to work on Arwenna’s final adventure for a bit.


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