So excited today! I’m going to BEA!!!

I’m soooo excited!!!

I get to go to Book Expo America!!!

Are you going? Do you live near Chicago? If so, come by the Solstice Publishing booth (#2320) and say hello!

I’ll be there the entire 4 days of the convention, and am so jazzed! I’m already plotting out my strategy. What booths I should visit, how best to see other things in Chicago. But, above all, I’m looking forward to meeting readers.

On the last day, during BookCon, I’ll be selling my books. ‘Wielder of Tiren’ is now under contract and with my editor, with an eye for a release prior to BEA. You should be able to pick up all three books in The Raven Chronicles series directly from me!

And, to make you even more curious, here’s the cover!


New postcards for BEA have been ordered and will be there for the handing out! So, please think about adding a stop by the Solstice Publishing booth to say hello when you’re at BEA! I promise, we’re working hard to make you want to visit us.


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