No, Hollywood doesn’t care about your book yet.

Good morning! Yes, it is still morning around this part of the world. For about another hour anyway.

There’s a misconception among new authors. And that is that it won’t take long before Hollywood takes note of your book and comes knocking on your door. Stop that thinking right now. It’s wrong. Hollywood doesn’t care about you or your book. They care about money, and making it.

That means they won’t even consider your book until you’re getting tons of sales. There isn’t an agent out there scouring Amazon for new book uploads. They’re looking for a book with a buzz. One that they’re seeing on the desks of their secretaries, in the hands of the prop master between scenes. They want a compelling story that sells.

Which means they won’t come calling two weeks after yours goes up for sale, wooing you with paychecks big enough to pay for your kids to go to college without student loan debt (how I wish this was true!). Unless you know people who are active within the film industry, are connected with producers and actors and screenwriters and agents, you have to wait.

You keep writing. You keep editing. You keep promoting. You keep working that day job that pays the bills. And you wait. It’s possible that you might get to walk the red carpet to a premiere of a film adaptation of your book one day, yes. But don’t expect it for years down the line. A decade or more, possibly. Or it may never happen.

Because, the harsh reality is they want a proven track record of generating revenue. When I barely earn enough in royalties a month to buy a latte, Peter Jackson’s not suddenly going to email me out of nowhere and say he wants to adapt ‘The Raven Chronicles’. It’s not going to happen.

So, get a grip. Stop expecting the world to begin to orbit around you and your book, and get back to work. No one said the work of an author stopped when the upload was complete.


6 thoughts on “No, Hollywood doesn’t care about your book yet.

  1. Hollywood doesn’t care about you or your book. They care about money, and making it. <yep

    And good reality check post. It's way too easy for people to think that they are going to be plucked from obscurity and thrust iinto a 250k book rights deal while hobnobbing with Speilberg over the script.

    • Exactly. But I hear from so many authors who are disappointed when Hollywood doesn’t come knocking right away. Go promote your book. Create the buzz. Be a decent author that readers want to interact with. And be patient.

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