Happy Halloween!

Yeah! It’s Halloween!

Woke up to some amazing news! ‘Guarding Charon’ made it to the semi-finals for the cover contest!

Guarding Charon KateMarie Collins

Voting closes on November 5th, and I can use all the votes I can muster! https://authorsdb.com/2017-cover-contest-results/23632-cover-contest-2017-guarding-charon

The WLA gala is 10 days away. Yes, I’m getting nervous. LOL. Do I wish I could make the trip? Yes. But I have responsibilities and our bank account isn’t so deep that I can spend $2k to go to a party in London. No matter how much I want to go.

Other than that, things are going well. I’m working on ‘Guarding Amber’, taking care of me and my family.

There’s a balancing act that authors have to do. It’s being able to devote time to our writing, promotion, and still be present for our families. It’s cooking dinner while you’re writing dialogue in your head. Thinking about a fight scene while you take out the trash. Debating a plot point while feeding the cats. Deciding the next step for the antagonist while at a meeting.

Being a writer doesn’t stop. If you’ve grabbed the brass ring and are now published, it only ramps things up. It doesn’t slow down. Because you’re always trying to find a promotion that works, tweaking the marketing, or working on the next book.

There’s no fast track to success in the literary world. No overnight success for someone who has no name recognition. If your book isn’t selling, you have to rethink what you’re doing. If you’re even doing anything at all.

And that’s the real downer. Because you won’t sell books if people don’t recognize your name. And they won’t recognize your name unless you promote.


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