Channeling pain and loss

Hey everyone.

I can’t really think about books much today. I’m afraid I’m numb.

The ideas are there. Books will be written, promoted, etc. But I fear sometimes that we as a society simply don’t care enough any more. Not about books. But about each other.

It’s not about gun control, or a good person with a gun showing up at the right time. It’s not about mental health, or legislation. It’s about how much we’ve lost.

We’ve lost our compassion, our innate need to help one another. Tragedies happen, and we light candles, say prayers, donate blood. But does it really help? A month later, someone else goes on a rampage.

The root cause, for me, is intolerance. We’re afraid of our neighbors because they’re different than us. We scurry down the street, shielding our children, because someone is holding hands with the person they love and it goes against what they believe.

Does marriage equality really hurt anyone? No more than straight marriage.

Does the mosque down the street hurt anyone? No more than a Christian one.

Does listening to country music rot your brain? No more than heavy metal or pop.

Do we need to fear the person who doesn’t speak English? No, we need to be patient with them.

We need to stop fearing what is different than us and start remembering that we’re all human.




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