Why, yes. My books are on KU!

Happy Saturday!

Today, dice will roll in our house. Saturday is our weekly D&D game. My husband and I have played, either together or separately, since the game first came out in the 1970’s. Both of our children have played. No, it doesn’t promote demonic worship or anything like that. What it does is teach tactics, problem solving, and encourages us to think beyond what we see.

It’s a weekly exercise in imagination. Something that an author desperately needs to hone on a regular basis.

Anyway, I had someone on twitter (go follow @ConstantlyCrav1 on Twitter. They’re amazing people!) ask if any of their active followers had books on Kindle Unlimited.

If you don’t know what KU is, the program’s pretty cool. Amazon charges you a monthly fee (I think it’s around $10) and then you have access to THOUSANDS of books to read over the month at no additional charge. The authors/publishers get paid per page you read.

The titles I have on Amazon as ebooks (there’s only 3 that aren’t there) are all enrolled in KU. You can read all of them, decide if you like them, and I still get paid! If you really like it after reading it on KU, you can go buy a copy.

Reviews are always nice, btw. Just a reminder.

There’s so many pirates out there now. I’ve lost count of the number of sites that stole my book and put it up for free. With KU, I still get paid. And authors can’t keep writing books if they don’t make money. That sounds somewhat mercenary, but it’s true. We’ve got bills to pay, same as you. But the only way we get that is if people purchase or read our books through legitimate sites.

So, if you’re a KU member, plug my name into the search engine and take a look. You just might find a book or ten that you like.


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