Let’s talk about reviews

So, I should be writing. I really should. On an actual book and not this blog. But something came to my mind and I had to share it here.

Currently, I have the file for ‘Guarding Connor’ open on my laptop. This would be the 4th book in The Waystation Guardians series. Honestly, there could be another 4 or 5 books in the series. I love the world and characters enough to extend it out that far.

It’s open, but I’m not working on it. Instead, I’m contemplating making this the last book in the series.

Why? Why end a series after 4 books that could go so much farther? Why end a series that has characters and a world I enjoy working with?

Because I can’t get reviews to save my soul.

‘Guarding Charon’ garnered 19 reviews.

‘Guarding Amber’ has 3.

‘Guarding William’ has 1.

I’ve had 1 reader ask me about ‘Guarding Connor’. And they haven’t left a review for book 3.

Reviews are that important to an author. It’s more than ranking on Amazon, or some mythical (and I do mean that word because it’s been debunked) number means you get free plugs. It’s encouraging an author to keep going with a series. It lets us know that you enjoyed the book. It’s a public way of saying, ‘Please, sir. I’d like some more.’

Authors spend countless hours writing and editing their books. We stay up late, get up early, sacrifice lunch hours to typing. We plot while we watch our kids at volleyball games and karate classes. We don’t just sit here, sneeze, and a complete book appears on our screen.

This is a job. We can’t keep doing our job unless we hear that how we’re doing it is liked. And that’s what a review does. It tells us we’ve got a readership that actually wants the story to keep going.

If we can spend hours writing a story you like, why can’t you spend 30 seconds to type ‘I liked it’?


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about reviews

  1. Before I became an author I never knew about reviews leave alone how important they are to authors. I think most readers feel they would have to say more than just that they liked a book. I have to say that it does take a bit of work to write a review.

    Just the other day I was feeling like you do now and wondered, again, if maybe I should just stop writing. But then, because it’s part of us we just keep going. Who knows….

    • I won’t quit. That’s not an option for me. The frustration of it all got to me tonight. It’s hard to keep writing a series if you have no idea if readers actually care as much for the characters as you do.

  2. I’m glad to read that you’ll keep writing
    You have a talent that some of us only dream of having… your words are magical and take me to other world’s,times, and places. I see,hear, and feel the stories….

    Instead of writing books. I found my talent is in creating… designing patterns, laying out shapes and colors to tell a story , to offer comfort, or to inspire healing… I have thought sometimes of quitting… it’s a lot of work with very little recognition.

    I’m sorry
    I didn’t recognize that I wasn’t giving you
    What I would want for myself…
    Recognition for a job well done… And a reason to keep going…

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