Happy anniversary to my followers!

According to WordPress, I started this blog 7 years ago today. When I began, I was beyond clueless about what to do with a blog. Seriously wet behind the ears!

For some people, seven years is nothing. A drop in the bucket. I’ve found that, as I get older, time seems to move differently. What seems like yesterday is years ago, and I can barely remember what occurred this past Monday. I’m not getting senile. LOL. It’s more that the day to day life doesn’t stand out as much as the big things.

A lot has happened since I started writing this. Both in my professional life, and my personal one.

I have 21 books up for sale.

My kids have gone from grade school to high school and college.

We’ve lost, and added, cats.

I’ve buried both of my parents.

I’ve made the short list for Author of the Year with a group in London.

I spent one of the best weeks of this lifetime in Scotland.

I’ve had gastric surgery.

I’ve wrestled with personal demons, and won.

I attended my 30th high school reunion and was dubbed the ‘class celebrity’.

I’ve met readers.

I think that last one’s pretty big. It’s hard to go from a lifetime of being told that any sort of self-promotion was bragging/the worst sort of manners to having the confidence to not just meet strangers but talk to them about something I created. To believe in my writing, in my self, enough to think it’s worth reading.

Am I the best author out there? No. But I can write a damn good story all the same.

Now to celebrate the readers, followers, and fellow authors I’ve met over the last seven years! Leave me a comment, preferably with a title of mine you’d like to read, and I’ll draw a name at random next Saturday (4/6). That person will get the book of their choice.



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