A small bit of car drama

Hey everybody!

I’ve been dealing with a little bit of car drama, and I felt you guys might find it a bit funny to hear about.

First off, I know how to curse in Cave Troll thanks to an issue we had with my old minivan a few years back. Did you know that someone can try to slim jim your car open, not get in, but make the relays for your door locks go wonky to where they’ll periodically drain your battery overnight? Took me, our mechanic, and a trip to a dealership, several months before that came to light. When you’re trying to get out the door to take kids to school, finding out your battery’s deader than a slug with salt on it is not fun. Hence learning how to curse in Cave Troll.

I don’t recommend it, either.

Anyway, I have a new car. Just got her in May. Absolutely LOVE her. Until last week, when the driver’s side door started going wonky. We had a cold snap at night, with temps dropping as low as 24 degrees fahrenheit. And that’s when the car decided to not like life.

First, the driver’s side door wouldn’t open. Then, it didn’t want to latch. Got to work, and then it wouldn’t open – from the inside! I had to crawl out the passenger side. When I finished my shift, it’d warmed up a little and everything worked just fine.

The next day, the temperatures were low again. And the door would not open. The handle moved, but it wouldn’t open. And it was just the one door. I ended up going through the passenger door 3 times that morning. At least it let me go out the driver’s side! LOL

I called into the dealership where we bought the car, and took it in today. Naturally, because it’s warmer, it was behaving itself. The plan is to wait for another cold snap, take it in, get a loaner car, and leave her there for 1-2 days. They’ll check it out in the morning when it’s all frosty and see if they can get the problem to manifest again. Once they can experience it, they can track down the problem faster.

At least, that’s the theory.

On a writing note, there’s stories being added to my D&D stories page almost every week. Pop over there and catch up with Thia, Jinnaari, and the rest of the party! I’ve been hard at work revising and rewriting some of my longer novels. I’ve learned a lot since I wrote them, and they’re stronger stories now. Two down, one to go. Once I finish this process, I plan to look at The Waystation Guardians series, with an eye to either expanding each book or self-publishing them.

May your holidays be filled with fun, laughter, friendship, and love. And may your car doors always work correctly!


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