The Murder Hobos – Episode 24 – Training Begins

Adam moved across the floor, making sure not to step on any of his sleeping companions. Jinnaari sat on the far side of the room, watching him. He was early for his turn on watch. He had to talk with the paladin, and didn’t want anyone else to hear, so now was the best chance he had.

“All quiet?”

Jinnaari nodded, stretching out his leg, “Just some snoring. You’re early. I have another hour yet.”

Adam eased himself onto the cold stone floor. “It’s fine. I woke up.” He paused, looking around the room. “Besides, I think we need to discuss something.”

“What’s on your mind?”

“We have a problem with Thia.”

He heard the dragonborn shift position. “In what way?”

“If she woke up and found herself in front of Lolth, what do you think she’d do?”

“Not going to happen.” Jinnaari’s voice was determined.

“Hear me out….”

“No, Adam. It’s not going to happen. We are not letting it happen.”

He tried to keep the exasperation out of his voice. “I get it. None of us want it to happen. I’m talking hypothetically here.”

“It’s still not happening.”

Adam sighed, “Just, listen. Okay?”

Jinnaari grunted, and Adam continued. “Say there was a cave in and we got separated. Or a trap was sprung where she’s on the wrong side of a door. Or even that Lolth decided to open a portal next to Thia and grab her that way. It doesn’t matter how it happened.”

“Keep talking.”

“What do you think her first reaction will be?”

Adam studied Jinnaari’s face as he looked at Thia’s sleeping form. It was impossible to read.

“She’s going to panic.”

“Exactly. She’s lived a sheltered life up until she joined the group. She has no real concept on how to survive if she’s being held hostage.”

Jinnaari shifted again. “You’re right. She doesn’t.”

“We need to fix that. I’m not talking major things, but if we teach her how to observe, keep calm, and see opportunities, she’d be able to cope better. At least until we could get to her.”

“I like it. Talk with Caelynn, see if she’ll teach her how to pick locks, move quieter. There are times she’s louder than a rusty construct. You can help her learn how to quiet her mind, keep the panic under control. If she needs it, I can teach her some basic hand to hand.” Jinnaari rose. “I’m getting some sleep. Figure out the details and get her started once you do.” He wandered over to where he’d put out his bedroll and laid down.

Adam rose. He checked the latch on the door that led out of the room, then began to circle the perimeter.

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