The Murder Hobos – Episode 25 – The Dreams

“It’s agreed, then?” Bahamut asked, looking at the creature across the scrying pool from him.

The Solar flared, but the light was a comfort to Bahamut. The creature was one of the Old Gods, and deserved His respect.

“Do you want to go first?” The Solar asked.

“Thank you,” The Dragonborn shifted his gaze to the pool of still water that lay between them. The surface rippled, and an image coalesced. The group of heroes, on whom so much depended, slept for the most part. The bard sat watch. Bahamut found the thread that connected Him to Jinnaari and tugged.

* * *

Jinnaari woke with a start. “Damn it!” he swore as his vision cleared. He was back in Drakkus’ office. And he wasn’t alone.

“I didn’t summon you to be sworn at, Althir.” Bahamut said as He stepped out of the shadows.

“Then why am I here, My Lord? You sent me back to do your will: take down Lolth and protect Thia. I can’t do either from here.”

“You’re asleep, boy. I had to give you instructions and this was the least…cumbersome…way to do it.”

Jinnaari sighed, relaxing a little. If this was a dream, then fine. “What is it?”

“You’re about to go against Acerack. You can’t do this without help. He’s pissed off some Old Gods. The Tricksters that the Omuan people followed. Their spirits live within this tomb. Thia, Lor, and Caelynn already have spirits attached to them. When Acerack manifests, one will come to you. Do not fight him, because he’s not staying long after the battle. But they have more reason to hate the lich than most, and the boon they give is beyond measure. Let this happen, Althir. Don’t fight it. All will be well.”

Something nudged his foot. Bolting upright, Jinnaari looked at Caelynn. “Your turn,” she told him before walking toward her gear. He rose to start his watch.

* * *

Adam felt his body jerk as he missed the step. The stairs kept disappearing beneath his feet. He knew he was dreaming. And the only time he’d had this one before was when he met his Patron.

He pushed forward, knowing the Solar waited at the top of the tower. If he’d been summoned, there was something major going on. Something that went beyond the quest they were on, or keeping Thia safe from Lolth.

The stones beneath his feet shifted again, this time levelling out to a platform. The Solar stood on the far end. Adam knelt, his head lowered, “What do you require, Patron?”

“Soon, you will fight that which has caused the death curse to descend on this plane. It is his defeat that is paramount. You are not alone in this fight. The Trickster Gods wish to eradicate the defiler from their tomb. When the time comes, allow one to inhabit you. He will give you boons that will be useful in the fight.”

Adam knew better than to question his Patron’s words. “It shall be as you say.”

“Adam,” Jinnaari’s voice penetrated his brain. “Get up. We’re getting ready to move.”

Rising from the thin pad, he started to repack his gear. Whatever was going to happen, it would be soon.

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