The Murder Hobos – Episode 40 – Acid Rains Down

Adam hovered near the wall, his feet above Pan’s head, and watched as the black dragon moved on Thia. Jinnaari kept pace with the beast, his sword already covered with the creature’s blood.

He let loose a barrage of magic, hitting the creature with each bolt. It flinched, and bellowed in pain, but kept moving.

Adam watched in horror as the dragon inhaled sharply, then unleashed a storm of acid right on his friend. Thia stood her ground, her cloak disintegrating around her. The black beast then slammed a tail into Jinnaari. The paladin grunted at the blow, his legs shifting to keep his balance.

Thia’s voice, barely audible, chanted out a phrase. Adam watched as she dropped to her knees, her own life force being forfeited, while the magic she wove strengthened Jinnaari.

“Adam!” The paladin screamed.

“I’ve got her,” he called back. “You worry about the dragon.”

As Jinnaari swung at the beast, Adam moved to Thia’s side. She tried to wave him off, “I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not,” he countered. Reaching out, he put a hand on her shoulder and healed her.

“Cousin?” Pan called out.

“She’s fine,” Adam replied. “Help Jinnaari.”


Adam held out his hand to Thia. She grasped it, standing.

They turned in time to see Pan’s spell stop the dragon’s advance. The ground shook as the beasts’ legs gave out, plummeting the corpse to the cavern floor.

“Everyone okay?” Jinnaari’s deep voice echoed in the silence that descended.

“I think so,” Caelynn called back. “Helix? Moon?”

The two Tabaxi nodded. Adam glanced at Thia again. “You sure you’re okay?”

Her smile was tired, but color had returned to her face. “I’m better than that thing is,” she gestured at the gigantic corpse. “And, hey, we know Lolth didn’t send it. That’s something, right?”

He smiled back, “Yeah, it is.”

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