Random thoughts post-ick


So, it’s early. Not quite 6 am for me. I’ve got to leave for the day job soon. At least I’m going in today. Yesterday was a ‘not unless you want the entire store, customers and co-workers, sick’ call out.

Like most women I know, I tried to tough it out. I started feeling bad on Thursday last week. Have kept things low key, rested, made sure I had fluids, took cold meds. By Sunday, I knew that wasn’t enough.

I think I slept more yesterday than not.

I didn’t even try to get anything written. My goal was to get through the ick enough to where I could go to work today. Being a writer is great. It really is. I adore the job. It’s just not paying. Yet. So, day jobs have to happen. Car payments, mortgages, college tuition – those things don’t take an i.o.u.

Most authors hold down day jobs. We write on our days off, in the evening, or sacrifice sleep to get some words in before work. We carry laptops and notepads, scribbling down scenes during lunch breaks. All in the hope that, one day, we can do this as our first and only job.

Anyway, that’s about all I have for today. We’re gaming on Saturday, so there’ll be a new Murder Hobo story at some point this weekend. I’m off early, so going to try and write some when I get home.

But, first, coffee!


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