The unending optimism of an author

Good morning!

Heading out the door for an early shift in a bit. Well, at least getting in the car and letting it defrost! One interesting part about the weather where I live is that, especially in late winter/early spring, we’ll have a 25 degree difference between the daytime high and nighttime lows!

There’s something I’ve noticed every author I know has in common. We are optimistic to a fault. Yes, we agonize over our stories. Stress out like no one else over query letters. Take a dozen deep breaths when we get a reply before we even dare open the email. And we hear the word ‘no’. A lot.

But we keep trying. We keep writing. We keep submitting. Why?

Because we believe, deep down inside, that what we’re doing is worthy of being published. Of being read.

The world’s a scary place right now. Between climate change (it’s real), diseases (don’t get me started on anti-vaxxers!), and politics, our lives are bombarded with negativity. We’ve been cursed to be alive in interesting times.

I’ve had people tell me that they only read a book if it’s been made into a movie that they liked. Others ask me what I think the point is, because ‘nobody reads anymore’.

The point is, I write good stuff. I can create worlds that let you escape. Give you a character you can connect with, cheer for, see them conquer things that we run from in real life.

Because if they can, so can we. That’s why the optimism of authors is so important. It gives the world that spark of hope that, yeah, maybe we really can make a difference.


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