Before you complain about the price of a book…

Hey everyone!

I’m sitting in a coffee shop, waiting for a meeting to start. I do this about every 3 months. I always head down here early. If I leave by 1:15, it’s a 1 hour drive. If I leave anytime after 2, it can take 3 hours. Sigh. Traffic in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area is interesting.

It’s been a while, but I’ve heard readers complain about how much an ebook costs before. They don’t think they should spend $2.99 for it, it should be cheaper. After all, it’s just a computer file!

Let’s break it down, shall we?

You’re not just paying $2.99 for a computer file. You’re paying for the hours of time it took to write that book. Hours where it was with our beta readers. Even more time spent incorporating edits. There’s time spent on cover art, writing the blurb, uploading the book.

Or my agent’s time, helping me fine tune it one more time before she starts trying to find a home for it.

A single book, around 50k words, can take upwards of 75-100 hours of work before it ever finds a publisher. Sometimes it’s twice that.

Divide that by the $2.99 you think is too much.

Would you work a job where you got paid that little? No? I didn’t think so.

We shouldn’t be expecting artists of any flavor – writing, poetry, music, painting, etc. – to sell their work for a price that excludes them from living. Art makes our world beautiful, enriches us, makes us dance. Makes us think.

Still think it’s too much? I hope not.


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