Gaming interruptus

One thing I love doing is playing D&D. I’ve played a version of the game, off and on, since I was about 10.

I’ve been involved in some great games…and some not so great ones. The group of friends my husband and I play with currently is among the best.

Life has not been kind to us lately, though. Trips for work or fun, illness, etc has put gaming on the back burner. We didn’t play last week. This week seems to be a no-go, too. As at least 3 of us have tickets to Emerald City Comicon next weekend…it looks like the group will be back together after a 3 week hiatus.

This is one of the longest breaks we’ve had in 3 years. And it feels odd. Nothing could’ve been avoided, and it’s not like we’re deliberately trying to not get together.

On the plus side, I’ve got more time to work on the next two sessions as I’m the current DM. And there’s going to be some interesting Murder Hobo stories posted!

Tonight, though, I’m a little melancholy. I miss the laughter and camaraderie of our group. Which is going to probably lead to me either writing on a book or an episode for our group. If it’s the former, magic will be cast. The latter…

Thia’s night could be interesting….


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