The Murder Hobos – Episode 51 – A hangover he deserves

Pan woke up, his head screaming in pain. He didn’t want to move. Every single part of him hurt.

“I know you’re awake,” Jinnaari said.

“Do you have to talk so loud?” Pan whined. He raised one hand to his face, shielding his eyes from the meager light the tower gave them, and opened them.

The paladin leaned against the wall across from him, near the door to Thia’s room. “I’m barely above a whisper, Pan. What did you drink last night from that jug?”

He sighed, “I started with the beer. When that was gone–”

“You drank ALL THE BEER? Again? And kept going?”

“It seemed like a good idea at the time. That thing makes really good beer,” he said.

“You were supposed to be watching Thia’s room, making sure Vizeran didn’t try and talk to her alone again.”

Pan winced at the tone in Jinnaari’s voice. “I know. But then I started drinking, and thinking about her. She’s my cousin and the only one in my family that’s gone through this sort of thing. It’s taking a huge toll on her. I wanted to make her laugh, even for a minute. Forget that Lolth’s after her, that her mother’s a total bitch.” His voice trailed off.

“What do you remember?”

“Adam came out at one point, took the jug from me. Where is it?” When the dragonborn didn’t answer, he sighed. “I know I asked him something about Thia’s dad. But that’s about it.”

“He gave the jug to me and went back to bed. I left it here, told Helix you were his problem, and did the same. I have no idea what he did with it.”


“Slept through it all. Caelynn’s in there now. We’re going to hit the road as soon as Vizeran’s done with the device.”

He forced himself to sit up. A wave of nausea washed over him. “I don’t suppose you’ll help with my recovery?”

“In a way.” He walked over to him. Each step made the armor he wore clang, and the sound reverberated through Pan’s head. He put a single finger on Pan’s forehead and whispered something.

The nausea and weakness left, but the headache remained. He looked up at Jinnaari, worried.

“I need you to be able to fight. So does Thia. But that doesn’t mean I’m taking away all the consequences. If you’re lucky, that’ll be gone by the time we stop for a rest. I recommend water. Lots of water.” He tossed a waterskin onto the seat next to Pan, then walked to the door leading to his own room. “And don’t even think about asking Thia to take it away. We already told her not to.”

Sighing, Pan reached for the pouch. He needed to talk to Helix about that jug at some point, but not right now.

The Tabaxi’s voice whispered into his ear, “I’ll give it back to you when you’re on watch tonight.”

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