Spending a day in a city battling with an epidemic

Morning everyone! Happy first day of daylight savings time! My body handles the time change fairly well, though I have friends who seriously don’t do well twice a year because of it. Muse wasn’t thrilled, either. Haha. But she never likes letting me sleep in long past her treat time.

Yesterday, we spent part of the day in downtown Seattle. One of my co-workers and her husband have season tickets to the Seattle Sounders and invited us to the game. We went up early, did some shopping and a LOT of walking (we logged over 5 miles in!), and enjoyed the day.

It was strange, though. Seattle’s almost ground zero for the Coronavirus right now in WA state. We’re taking all the recommended precautions and aren’t part of a vulnerable group, which is why we decided to go to the game. We went to Pike Place Market. Normally, it’s so crowded that you’re walking single file with hands on the person in the lead so you don’t lose them.

Yesterday, we walked side by side.

We’ve lived our lives here with the Alaskan Way Viaduct being the major sight if you looked from some of the downtown streets toward Puget Sound. The elevated, double decker freeway had been in place for decades (don’t know when it was originally constructed, to be honest – possibly before I was born), but was damaged in the Nisqually earthquake over a decade ago. They dug a massive tunnel under the city and tore it down recently. Instead of a freeway when you look west, this is what you see.


While the view is now breathtaking, that road is normally full of cars. Even on a Sunday. As our daughter put it when I sent that to her, “Looks dead!”.

She’s right. The city has listened, and many are staying home instead of going out. We’re scared to shake hands. Elbow bumps replaced high fives during the game. Local stores are limiting how many of certain items can be purchased per customer to try and make it so everyone can get toilet paper and hand sanitizer. A lot of events are being cancelled.

Did we still go to the game? Yeah. And it was a beautiful night in the city.


The game ended in a tie. We were really cold, and tired, by the time we got home. But we had fun.

Seattle’s not a ghost town. But it was strangely quiet.


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