We will get through this.

I’m up way too early for having the day off, but my mind won’t rest. Grocery run, a trip to Seattle to get my dress & shoes, laundry, dishes, and either D&D prep or writing.
Oh, and cleaning the house.
The SCA kingdom I play in recently made the tough decision to cancel ALL events/gatherings for the remainder of the month due to the Coronavirus. Gov. Jay Inslee will be announcing later this morning that all public events – concerts, sporting events, meet ups, etc. – will be limited to 250 people. My daughter’s university switched to online classes last night from today through the 20th.
Don’t come whining to me about how stupid any of these choices are. Because this isn’t about YOU being inconvenienced. It’s about making sure people who would DIE don’t.
I’m not part of the vulnerable population. If I were to get sick, the likelihood is that I will recover. But this isn’t about my health. It’s about my friends who are fighting cancer. It’s about friends who have kids with compromised immune systems. It’s about people I care about, that I want to be around for a few more decades, not getting sick.
We already wash our hands. I’ve always got wipes and cleaning supplies on hand. I didn’t panic and buy ten packs of toilet paper. We went to a Sounders game on Saturday, along with 33,000 other fans. We’re aware of incubation periods and are being vigilant with how we feel. I work retail. Hubby works in aerospace. Our son goes to high school.
We’re aware of what’s going on. We take the precautions we must, and then go on about our day. But this virus isn’t a joke. It’s not here simply to inconvenience us or make us panic. And it can, and has, killed. We must do what has to be done to slow the spread before more die.
So stop whining about not being able to go to an event, be it a SCA fight practice or concert, sporting event or con. Not going there isn’t the end of the world.
Stay home and order stuff online from artists and craftspeople whose livelihood is impacted by shows you planned to attend getting cancelled. Were you hoping to see one artist at ECCC? Go to their website. Wanted to get a new set of dice? Head to a small comic store.
We will get through this.

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