Level 4


Things are messed up here. In 4 days, we went from a level 2 quarantine to a level 4. All public and private schools in 3 counties (including the one we live in) are closing by March 17th and staying that way through April 24th. Once my son gets home today, he’s got a 6 week break.

None of us, including him, are looking forward to it.

Broadway’s gone dark. I’ve got to try and reschedule or cancel our trip. Our D&D game is moving online. A good friend and one of the players is being tested for COVID-19 today.

We’re self-quarantining this weekend. One more errand to run today or Sunday, then we won’t leave the house before Monday. Hubby will go back to work then (unless they tell him to go online/virtual). I’m off work until Tuesday morning.

Retail doesn’t shut down unless we hit level 5. Even then, I’m not sure we will. It might take martial law/government decree of ‘essential businesses and services only’ for our store to close.

And, today, it was snowing. On Friday the 13th.

Today, I’m learning software to try and get our game online tomorrow. And I’m going to do a lot of stress cleaning. Writing.

As wonderful as real life experience is for writing, this is getting out of hand. Everyone, regardless if you’re a vulnerable group or not, is stressed out. We’ve got supplies, healthy. If it comes to it, we will survive a level 5. That doesn’t mean I want to.

For reference, here’s the difference in the levels.

We were a level 2 on the 9th. Yesterday, we went to level 4. That’s a huge jump in 3 or 4 days. Level 5 is where Italy is.

The Murder Hobos are going to continue. Stories will be written and posted. I’ll probably post a lot, just to process my stress. Writing is my coping mechanism. I think my characters are about to hate me, but they’ll survive. As will we.

Be safe out there.


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