Baking, writing, and quarantine

Hey! We made it this far! It’s day 26 in quarantine, with at least 20 to go. My hubby doesn’t think I should keep track. Honestly, it’s nice to see that I’ve passed the halfway mark to the next possible back tracking of restrictions.

It’s not going to go back to normal overnight. It may take all summer. I’m proud that the Governor here is working WITH OR and CA to make sure that the citizens in our states (it’s 1/6th of the total population of the US, btw) stay healthy while working toward reopening things. We’ve slowed down the spread, though the curve isn’t flat yet, and simply telling everyone to ‘go back to work’ is not a viable solution to keep a new wave from happening.

Especially when the 2nd wave is likely to be worse than the first one. I’d rather spend another 2 months in quarantine over get out and get sick, lose someone I know, or have to spend all fall and winter in lockdown.

I did something nice for some friends today. She hinted rather loudly that she liked some applesauce bread I make. I made two loaves today (keeping one here), as well as some mini spiced pear cakes. Took a loaf over to her place, along with 5 of the cakes, and left it on the doorstep. Did I have to? No. But I enjoyed the process of making them. It got me out of the house to deliver. I didn’t see anyone, so no danger of passing the virus to them/picking it up.

Yeah, it really is that serious. Please don’t tell me it’s not. I’ve spent nearly four weeks avoiding people, trying not to go insane, simply because I don’t want to make someone sick. Or get sick myself. I’ve had bronchitis enough that I technically fall into the group where this could go really bad if I catch it. So does she.

I’ve gotten back to writing, too. Over the last two days, I’ve added over 3k words to one of my wips. Once dinner’s over, I’ll spend more time on it. My soul’s finally accepted that this isn’t going away any time soon. This is now, sad as it makes me, my normal life. It’s not going to end any time soon. I won’t be at work next week. I won’t be playing D&D here at our house in two weeks. Probably not until mid May or early June, honestly. It’s no longer certain our son, a high school senior, will have an actual commencement. It could be nothing more than us making him put on the cap and gown and letting us take pictures on the day it’s supposed to happen.

We can’t continue to mourn the life we no longer have. This is the one we’ve been dealt, and the game’s still being played, so make the best hand you can.

Now to get back to giant spiders, kitchens on fire, and escape tunnels….


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