The Murder Hobos – Episode 76 – Advanced Spellcraft

“Again,” his Patron commanded.

Adam leaned on his staff, sweat dripping from his brow. Muttering the incantation, he sent a fresh wave of energy toward the barrier. He’d been at this for hours. The stone was barely singed, and his magic stores were almost spent.

When the light dissipated this time, though, a small, perfectly round hole rested in the center of the stone. He’d broken through!

“Now you may rest. We train again tomorrow,” the Solar flared once before disappearing.

Adam’s stomach growled and his eyes stung. He staggered over to the barrel of water that stood in the corner of the room, dunking his head quickly to cool himself off.

“You should’ve let me sketch you first,” Caelynn’s voice came from the doorway. “If I did it right, Jinnaari’d never be able to say you didn’t know how to break a sweat.”

He threw his head back, letting the water rush down his neck. Grabbing at a nearby towel, he dried his face. “I don’t know that a drawing would be enough,” he said. “I’d have to do it in front of him for him to believe it.”

Her face grew serious. “I’ve had word.”

“About Thia?” He tossed the towel back onto the table. “Did they find her before…?”

“No. Lolth got her, but they were able to rescue her. Jinnaari sent Her to the Abyss, then they got out of there.”

“That’s good, right?”

Caelynn leaned against the wall, her arms crossed, “I’m not sure. Jinnaari’s now a wanted man. Word is that he killed someone in cold blood. And there’s whispers that Thia’s not the same, either.”

“We came here, because not doing so meant she was lost!” His hands grasped the edge of the table angrily. “And there’s no way Jinnaari will kill anyone that way. Not unless it’s justified.” He looked at her, “Why are we here, Caelynn? We’re needed there.”

“Because of that,” she pointed to the wall and the hole he’d blasted into it. She was right. His precision, control, were growing. He was gaining a better command of his magic.

“Let’s eat,” he said. Giving the hole one more look, he let out a deep breath. This isn’t any different than when Jinnaari left. He had a task, one he had to be trained to fulfill. So do you.

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