The Murder Hobos – Episode 87 – Exoneration

Jinnaari stopped short, waiting for Helix to turn around. He’d gotten so used to the Tabaxi just materializing that it didn’t startle him any longer. “Helix,” he said, “what’s up?”

The Tabaxi smiled. “I’ve been doing other things. Earning my keep within your Court, as it were.” He held out a sealed parchment to Jinnaari.

Taking it from him, he examined the imprint in the green wax. The Baroness of Cirrain. Sliding one finger underneath the flap, he broke the seal and began to read.


            Unto His Royal Highness, Prince Jinnaari Althir,


            Your companion has presented Us with incontrovertible evidence that you were not behind the death of Our brother, Randy. Additional notices have been sent to Her Royal Majesty, Queen Agrana, as well as around Our holdings. All offers of bounty posted for your return has been rescinded.

            Master Helix has shown, without a doubt, that one of our Own household did this, at the direction of Halastar, the Mad Mage. There is a distinct and likely possibility that his orders came from Tiamat.

            The Barony will pay any honor price demanded by the Crown. For my part, I can only apologize. I also urge you to serve both Kelemvor and Bahamut’s wills and destroy these foul individuals lest their mechanizations are farther spread than simply besmirching your honor.

            Please let my niece know that Our thoughts are with her, as well.


            In Service,


            Baroness of Cirrain


He read the letter again, the implications settling into his mind. His name was clear. “Thank you,” he said, looking at Helix. “I owe you one for this.” He tucked the parchment into a pouch.

“I’m sure we can work out something,” he replied. “Do you think you could wait long enough for me to question Halastar before you kill him?”

“I’ll do my best.”

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