Getting ready to move on

Morning everyone!

If you’ve ever played D&D, you know that there comes a time to retire the characters you’ve been playing. It could be due to death of the character, wanting to rebuild it because he/she doesn’t fit well in the adventure/play well with the rest of the group, the end of the adventure arc, or you’ve taken them as high as you can.

For The Murder Hobos, the time is coming.

One thing I love about my group is that we like seeing how far we can take our characters. We explore the upper levels of the game, push boundaries as far as role play/fleshing out our characters. Thia, Jinnaari, Adam, and the rest are approaching 20th level now. That’s the top range of the game. We figure on two more sessions – 5/30 and 6/6 – and then we’ll be where retirement for these heroes is going to happen.

The group is taking a week off because my son’s graduation from high school. He’s one of the class of 2020, and his school’s figured out a way for them to walk while maintaining social distancing, etc. The 13th is his day, not a gaming one.

When we pick back up on the 20th, the new characters will start. We’ll always be The Murder Hobos! I’ll write a couple of final episodes for this current cast, and keep the page up for a while. A new one will start, though, so keep watching for them!

Thia, Jinnaari, Adam, Caelynn, and Pan will be back. I plan to write a novel based on the characters and their adventures together. It’s going to veer away from the game itself in several places! Plus, it’s going to be set in a world I create.

I hope you’ve enjoyed their adventures thus far, and you’ll stick around to see what sort of problems the new cast will encounter.

Oh, and buy some books when it’s written, my agent works her magic, and it’s up for sale!


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