The Murder Hobos – Shore Leave – Episode 7 – A Scream in the Night

Nessa winced, trying hard not to grab her head from the pain. Somehow, Manak and Tiko managed to take the Banshee down. Which was good, as she had work to do.

            Serena was laying face down on the cave floor. Christos and his pseudo-dragon were unconscious as well. The creature’s wail had mowed them down. Without hesitation, Nessa knelt next to Serena and sent a wave of healing through her body. Manak did the same with Christos.

            “This is not right,” Tiko said.

            “Which part?” Nessa asked him as she helped her friend sit up. “Here,” she handed Serena a waterskin.

            “First, the relic of my people ends up with you. On the other side of the world. There’s the note that mentions her,” he nodded at Serena. “And then the hobgoblin captain had the statue that was almost an exact replica of her. How does it all fit together?”

            “Don’t care,” Manak grumbled. Nessa looked at him. The goliath stood against the entry, wiping blood and gore off of his weapon. “These are my woods now. Once I get all the heads on spikes around the house, no one will come knocking who isn’t welcome.”

            “It matters,” Nessa said, “because Serena’s in trouble somehow. Someone wants her for some reason. Tiko, can you tell us anything about the sapphire?”

            The monk stared at her, “No.”

            She nodded in understanding. He was a wild elf, as she was. Trust wasn’t easy for them. He might tell her, later, when the others weren’t around. Or he may not. Placing her arms protectively around Serena, she scanned the cave. “We need to rest,” she said. “Manak? Can you haul that outside?” She pointed at the corpse of the hag. “If we take turns on watch, let the wounded sleep, we should be good to head back to the house in the morning.”

            “It’s a plan,” the goliath said as he grabbed the creature by the ragged clothing and threw it out the opening. “I’ll take first watch.”

            Nessa leaned against the earthen wall, then motioned Serena to use her lap as a pillow. Once her friend was asleep, she turned her thoughts inward and closed her eyes.

            Perhaps Corellon will give her answers.

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