Approval vs. Acceptance


I saw a post on social media today that really got me thinking. In the post, it was revealed that a writer had been called names I won’t repeat because they included a character who was pansexual.

Let me get something straight with each of you reading this. No one needs your approval to live their life. All that is required is that you accept that they can do so.

Someone who is LGBQTPA isn’t in need of your stamp saying their life is okay.

A creator – be that a writer, artist, musician, or such – does not need you to green light their project.

I’m not Christian. Never tried to hide that. I was raised Lutheran, but one of the biggest problems I had with the faith was the blatant hypocrisy I saw each week. The Bible said to ‘judge not lest ye be judged’, yet more than half the churchgoers thought this didn’t apply to them.

My sister is Mennonite. She doesn’t agree with my youngest being who he is. But she accepts that his life is NOT HERS TO DICTATE.

Neither are the stories an author writes. Or a painting an artist paints. Or a song a musician writes.

Why? Because the narrow view these judgemental f*&*s have does not apply to the entire world. Forcing everyone to live a life that you approve of is nothing more than hubris.

So, unless you want me to start judging your life publicly, accept mine. Accept my son’s. Accept that there’s going to be a lot of things in life that don’t meet your expectations.

You may be shocked, clutch your pearls, and want to faint. Hysterical fear is one reason why things are so messed up. I don’t fear anyone who is different than me simply because of that difference. I fear someone who can’t accept me for who I am and think they need to shove me into a box of their own creation.

I will not be contained. I will fight back.


2 thoughts on “Approval vs. Acceptance

  1. I am in total agreement. I am saddened by all the finger pointing and name calling we seem to have in each day in this time of our lives. I was certain that I would live to see the future world I read about in the Science Fiction books of the 60s. Now I’m not so sure.

    I am still hoping for that world to become a reality, and I am working toward it in my own way. Accepting people for who they are is only the first step, but it’s a huge one. Come on, world! Take that big step with me.

    • Think about how bland our lives would be if there was no one different than we were…no one to challenge us to be better than we are. It saddens me when someone decides they have to hate someone, or change them, because they don’t fit into preconceived notions. We should be celebrating what makes us unique, not tearing others down because they’re different.

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