Waking up from a nightmare

Morning, everyone. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the U.S. Please, celebrate small this year. COVID has already done enough damage, caused an absurd amount of grief. Forego the big celebration for one year so that you can continue to have those friends and family in your life for decades to come.

I haven’t posted for a while. Stress was a large part of it. I don’t deal with waiting or indecision well. The closer the election got, the more I curled up on the couch and watched the news. I knew either things would get better, or worse.

I’ve spent the last four years in a nightmare. I’ve had people tell me I’m exaggerating, Trump wasn’t that bad. For me, for my son, he was. When he stood in front of a church, held up a bible, and spoke of the 2nd Amendment, I felt like he put a target on my back. Did I fear him coming to my house? No. The cops? No.

I feared that my fellow Americans would take it on themselves to do ‘something’ about me. Simply because my faith isn’t like theirs. It wouldn’t matter that I’m a citizen by birth, have broken no laws, and am a good person (at least, I like to think I am). I was now the enemy because I’m not Christian.

For my son, who is trans, it was even worse.

When the election was finally called for Biden, I almost cried. The America I knew, the one I believed in, would be coming back. The nightmare was over.

How bad was it? The ring I wear constantly with the symbol of my faith was being turned around, hidden from view, when I went to work. Because I didn’t trust our customers to not lash out at me.

For living in a free country, where all faiths are protected, this was beyond frightening.

WA state is back in lockdown of sorts, due to COVID. My job is still going. I’m working tomorrow, Black Friday, but luckily not where I’ll have a ton of interaction with customers. The lines will be long. Cashiers will be moving as fast as humanly possible. Be kind, patient, and understanding. Trust me when I say they’re not doing anything to make your day bad.

This year has been full of so much emotion. Hate, fear, anger…but also love, compassion, and understanding. A lot of us have decided to come out and have out voices heard. Demand action from our elected representation on things that MATTER, not just meaningless gestures. It’s been as rambling, all over the map, and disjointed as this post. LOL

Today, we celebrate all that we’re thankful for. If you follow my blog, even if you’ve never liked a post or left a comment, I’m grateful you’re taking the time to read my musings. For friends and family, I’m glad you’re in my life.

Next year will be better. The road won’t be easy to repair the damage done by the last administration, but the work begins on January 20th. The vaccine is coming, but COVID won’t go away for good as there’s going to be those who can’t/won’t take the shot. For the first time in four years, I’m hopeful that next year’s celebration will be bigger. And mean so much more for having those I care about still alive.

The nightmare is coming to an end. We’re waking up. Love and gratitude is shown in our actions every single day, not just at one meal a year.


One thought on “Waking up from a nightmare

  1. Blessed Be, my dear friend. I am as relieved as you to have a new administration coming into Washington, and I am so happy that I won’t have to worry every day. Looking forward to the day when we can hug and have a long chat. Natasha


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