Keyboards, mice, and keeping my hands working

Morning, world!

This is going to be an interesting week. For one, I finally get back on my desktop. I prefer it for writing over my laptop, though both are preferable to longhand.

Not trying to knock anyone who does it that way, but I don’t understand why write it out by hand only to have to type it out on a computer in order to submit or upload it for publication. For me, I need to use a computer.

My desktop’s been odd for a few weeks now. We finally figured out that the USB connector for the wireless mouse/keyboard set was dying. Ordered ergonomic replacements because the CTS is still causing me issues (more on that later). The mouse came pretty fast! I’ve got it set up on my laptop, and have been learning about settings, etc. It’s a lot smarter than any sort of mouse I’ve used before! There’s a horizontal scroll wheel, I can program a button to open a specific file or program, and it’s got a switch where I can set it up on 3 different computers. All I need to do is turn the dial on the bottom…

So, yeah. Lots to learn there.

The keyboard is due on Wednesday. It was, when I ordered it, slated to come today. Sigh. There’s nothing I can do to speed it up, though, so I’m rolling with it. UPS usually comes anytime between 3 pm and 8 pm, depending on the time of year, so I’ll have time once I get off work on Wednesday to set the mouse up on the desktop, do updates for the software, and have that ready before the keyboard arrives.

I see my dr. tomorrow for a follow up on the CTS and get a 2nd steroid shot in my right hand for the trigger finger. We’re going to discuss the progress, how I opted to get a new keyboard/mouse that were ergonomic, and talk about new issues that I’ve noticed. I’m still in the braces at night, have noticed my fingers getting stiff (especially the two with the trigger finger issues) if they get too cold. And then there was the night where I watched a tendon or ligament spasm so violently at the base of my thumb that I could see it moving underneath the skin….

So, I’m hoping to get an idea about better management for the CTS tomorrow. I’m trying to avoid surgery, but that may be where this goes. I should be back to writing by Thursday afternoon. I figure it’ll take a few hours of typing up tweets, making blog posts, writing emails, etc to get used to the new keyboard.


One thought on “Keyboards, mice, and keeping my hands working

  1. I love my ergonomic keyboard, it’s the main reason to use the PC rather than the laptop. I use the laptop when I’m in the living room, just for the sake of convenience. When I’m writing letters, or editing, the desktop is much more useful. I think you’ll like it.

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