Hand update part 2 – post visit

Evening, everyone!

So, new keyboard is here! It’s going to take a few hours to get used to it, but I can tell a difference in how my hands rest on it. I’m also enjoying how solid the keys are – you really know you’re pushing something! They’re also fairly loud. As I learned how to type way back in the 1980’s on typewriters…it works for me.

Got it set up, along with the mouse, on the desktop. I’m working 4-5 hour shifts the next two days, but should be ready to start writing again by the weekend. Just a few tweaks to the programming of each, some more posts on Twitter or here to get used to the flow of it.

I went in for a follow up on my hands today, as the CTS hasn’t really left. Dr. is sending me in for an EMG on both wrists, then to a specialist. And he wouldn’t do a 2nd shot in the right hand for the trigger finger, even though he confirmed it’s still present (to a MUCH smaller degree, but it’s not gone yet). The reason is that the first treatment the specialist is likely to try is prednisone into the channel that’s irritated. If he did the shot, they wouldn’t be able to do that. Steroids are tricky that way.

I did make him laugh when I referred to what happens with the finger as misfiring. I mean, come on. I’ve got a condition he called trigger finger. If it’s not working right/goes wonky, it misfired. It is the best word for it, and he agreed. Something tells me he may use it with other patients down the road. May use it in front of the specialist and see what their reaction is. Haha.

Enough babbling for tonight. I’ve got a few things to take care of before heading to bed. One reason I wanted to do this post is to test out the keyboard, see if my fingers can find the right keys smoothly and quickly. There’s been a few typos, but I’m learning.

I really do want to get back to Thia, Jinaari, and Co. Honest!


One thought on “Hand update part 2 – post visit

  1. It won’t be long before you are able to close your eyes and type on the new keyboard. It’s touch typing taken to the next level.

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