Small upgrades with huge impacts

Morning everyone!

I’m heading out to do my walk in a bit. Need to finish up my coffee, get my watch charged, and put the laundry in the dryer first.

Yesterday was my hubby’s birthday. For the next 3 weeks, we’re the same age. LOL. However, one thing he wanted for his birthday was more a Christmas gift for me.

Back when we first got together, we had a hobby of going to wineries. Over the years, kids happened. Our tastes changed, along with our habits. My new stomach can tolerate scotch, but not much else. A leftover from those early years was a free standing wine rack with about ten bottles in it. The top served as storage for spice racks, cans of cat food, and my coffee pot. The big one, anyway. The French Press I normally use hid in a cupboard with the coffee grinder and mugs.

Yesterday, he let me know he wanted to get rid of the wine rack. We opened one bottle on our 25th anniversary, one of the first we bought. It wasn’t good any more. LOL. The wine is likely all ready to be dumped. To replace it, we found this.

The spice racks, cat food, and almost all of my coffee & supplies are stored inside, with room to spare. The picture was a birthday present from my son (he painted it) last year and will be centered above the cabinet. I’m fully aware the wall needs repainted. LOL. It’s not a priority for us, though.

I may get a small line of hooks and put mugs up there, as well. I haven’t made that decision yet. It was great to use this morning, have my sugar right there instead of walking across the kitchen to where the lazy Susan used to live. And the cat food isn’t out in the open.

Now to empty out wine bottles, recycle them, find someone who wants to buy the wine rack and an old office chair, and rework the space in the pantry where my bags of coffee used to live. Things that will get done if the words aren’t flowing, or the hands won’t let me type.

The EMG test is scheduled, as well as the specialist. Here’s hoping I get answers and a path toward healing on the 14th.


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