It’s almost time….

It’s 11:26 pm on 12/31/2020. By the time most of you read this, it’ll be 1/1/21.

I’ll sleep in tomorrow. I know nothing substantial will change. COVID will still be here, mutating. I’ll still be unable to hug my friends. No one I know of personally has gotten the vaccine yet. I anticipate it being late summer or early fall before I get started on the regime. No clue if it’ll be 1 shot or 2.

Dishes will still need to be done, cookies baked, and laundry washed.

One thing the new year always gives us is hope. The idea of a new year that’s ahead of us, free of the baggage of the past. That hasn’t changed. None of us imagined what 2020 would be like a year ago.

Raise a glass, remember those who have died. Think happy thoughts about those still with us, some celebrating via video chat. Those of you out partying….yeah. I think you’re stupid, selfish, and are one of the reasons we’re still in lockdown mode.

29 minutes to go.

The ‘thing’ this year, from what I’ve read, is to yell ‘Jumanji’ at midnight. The hope is that we’re all trapped in a game that’s gone horribly awry and it’s the ONLY way to get out of it. Do I think that’s the case? No. We’re where we are because of a perfect storm of inept government response on a federal level, a gross failure to take this seriously, and selfish people who thought spending 15 minutes in a grocery store with a mask on was infringing on their freedoms somehow.

You gotta wear a shirt in a store…shoes…can’t smoke…wear a seat belt in a car….so wear a damn mask, get in and out fast, and social distance like your life depends on it. Because it might. Or your kids, partner, friends, boss, grandparent might.

Yes, I have hopes for 2021. Things I want to happen with my writing, my retail job, for my kids as they continue to become amazing adults. The oldest will graduate in the spring. The industry she’s going into is woefully unprepared for the hurricane heading their way.

23 minutes to go.

I guess I’ll play some more solitaire, watch the clock. After all, this has been a year that I’m more than thrilled to see end.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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