New season, new job

Train Station, Perth, Scotland

My life is changing.

I’ve been trying to look for a better job for a while now. Living in a pandemic that just won’t end (get vaccinated & wear a mask – PLEASE) led me to realize that the retail job I had wasn’t enough. Sure, it had some good people to work with. And the hours were flexible, giving me time to write & do other things. But, if something were to happen to my husband, it wasn’t going to pay the bills.

Starting October 5th, I’ll be doing full time data entry work. The commute’s not long, I can set my own start time, and it’s going to engage my brain. It’s not the mind-numbing work of retail. The job has benefits, pays better, and will be enough for me to keep the bills paid if things were to happen.

I still plan to write. I did some work on ‘Sword & Soul’ yesterday, will do more tonight and tomorrow. That I can set my own start time may well translate into an early start (like, 6 am), which would get me home where I can still have an hour or two to write.

It’s going to be an adjustment. I haven’t worked full time in 23 years, since our daughter was born. But I love writing. I love the creativity, the freedom, the rush I get when the words are flowing. It’s my happy place, my stress relief, and my sanity.

I will find the time.

So, buckle up. Come along on this ride with me if you like. Some days, I’ll be tired. Others, I’ll be excited. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to take my laptop, log into the company wifi, and write during my lunch.

But the words will happen.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

One thought on “New season, new job

  1. Looking forward to reading the next chapters, both of the next book, and of your life. I treasure being trusted and let in behind some of the closed doors, and chatting on the windowsill for the rest. One day at a time, let the new routine settle in, and you will be happier with what you produce. Blessed Be.

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