Something old is new again

One thing I thought of after getting my new job is what projects did I have around the house that needed to get done.

I’ve got this week left at retail/part time. There’s a few things that I’ve wanted to work on, some that even got started, but I didn’t get finished yet.

In some cases, it was because life got in the way. In others, my hands going wonky made me more than a little gun shy about using them for anything beyond normal stuff and writing.

One of those projects that had been waiting is my antique writing desk.

I found it last summer while I was out on a walk. A neighbor 3 blocks away had put it on the curb with ‘free’. I took one look at it and fell in love. I’ve always wanted one, but they were either too expensive/too big/or not freestanding.

This one, though, was perfect. The right size to fit in a spot in my office, and the price was perfect. I practically ran home to get my car. If you know me much at all, I don’t run.

I consulted with friends who either are woodworkers or have restored antique furniture before. Got a kit to help make the wood beautiful again. There’s some damage to the back (veneer is peeling off). While my original fix didn’t hold like I hoped, it’s lessened quite a bit. I believe having it against an inside wall helps. There’s a better temperature control vs. an outside wall.

Actually putting the work into restoring the finish, though, got put off. Partly because of my hands. And, well, I was nervous. I honestly thought it would be this huge 15 hour project.

The hands are good. I’m around 99% healed. I still have days where the middle fingers get stiff. Those are likely for the next year. Internal healing takes longer than external, and it’s difficult to remember that I should let them rest over getting stuff done.

With the new job happening in a week, today was the day. I had it off from retail, so I emptied it out and got to work.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take all day. I think I started with step one around 11, and the last step got wiped off around 1. It’s already off the tarp, back in my office, and full of the stuff that needs to be inside.

And it looks AMAZING. Yep. That picture at the top? That’s the desk.

It gave me a sense of accomplishment. It’s something that’s never been far from my mind but I kept putting off. Something that, once it was done, it was complete.

Friday, a friend is coming over to help me (or cheer me through) another project. I cut out & got started on a cloak. Not just any cloak; it’s one that’s given to Thia in ‘Scales & Stinger’ and stays with her into the next two books. I was gifted the fabric from my stepmom, and the color was perfect.

It’s something else I can get done, enjoy, and cross off the mental list of things I started but haven’t finished.

The next week is going to be a lot of that. Finding those small things that need to be done but haven’t happened yet. Much as I’d love to put ‘Sword & Soul’ on the list, I know better. I’m on chapter 6, and it’s moving forward, but there’s no way I can add 80k words in a week. I have 4 retail shifts (Tues-Fri), my daughter comes home this weekend to get the rest of her belongings and take them up to where her life is now. And I’ll have next Monday to prepare for what the new job will bring.

Words will be written. Books will be published. And life will continue. But the desk is now off the mental to do list of doom.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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