A bit of history of Avoch

Nannan, Mother of the Gods of Avoch

Morning, everyone.

One thing I allude to in the ‘Heroes of Avoch’ series is that the mother of the Gods is a dragon. I don’t get into how the Gods became divine, etc., as I’m hopeful to write a separate trilogy about them as humans.

The first three books are focused on Thia, Jinaari, and their friends. I love the world I’ve created and plan on books dealing with a Daughter of Hauk, as well as ones about the Gods as mortals, early in the history. I need to finish the first set, and it’s gotta find a publisher, before any of the others get started.

By the time Thia and Co. do their thing, the truth is forgotten. The Gods are considered divine solely through the will of Nannan, who leaves Avoch in their care. She herself rarely appears. And nobody questions how a dragon gives birth to seven humanoid children without a mate.

I’m also a pantser. I don’t plot out every chapter, each piece of dialogue. As such, the lore somewhat evolves. Given the time difference between this series and the planned one where readers can get more of the lore, I can still play with things quite a bit.

Time’s a funny beast. People forget things, stories change, and history is written by the victor. Or, in some cases, written by those who want the truth obscured.

Can Nannan change shape? Yes, she can and sometimes does appear humanoid. She could also become a fly and listen in to a council meeting or a flea on a wolf that’s hunting.

At one time, it’s possible that dragons and not humans were the dominate species. It’s possible they were hunted to near extinction and Nannan discovered a way to keep her kin alive in some way by elevating herself and some humans to legendary status, imbuing them with magic to make them seem divine. It’s possible that the Gods originally planned to hunt her down, the last of her kind, and she convinced them otherwise.

The story’s not written yet, so anything is possible.

The only set in stone is that her main/favored form is a white dragon. That she is the Mother of the Gods. And that she is more than aware of what Thia and the rest have been doing.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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