Pandemic Christmas take 2

Alley in Inverness, Scotland

So, this is Christmas 2021. Second time around during a pandemic, one that I fully believe could’ve been contained earlier, more completely, and resulted in more families celebrating with loved ones than holding onto memories. I believe in science, that people aren’t inherently selfish, and are willing to sacrifice small comforts so that their neighbor might live.

I still believe that, even after the nearly 2 years of evidence to the contrary.

I’m taking a long look at where I’ve been, personally and professionally, and making some changes. Some because I know they need to happen, others because I’m ready to make that step. A few are terrifying, but they’ve been set in motion.

I’m going to fully embrace my new pen name starting January 1st. I’ll pull the book I currently have for sale off the market, so grab it now if you want a copy. When I finish ‘Sword & Soul’, the initial trilogy set in Avoch will be done. One way or another, for good or bad, the first book will be up for sale before the end of 2022. How fast book 2 and 3 will get released will depend on if I have a publisher or decide to self-publish the trilogy.

I’ve got some older stuff that will be revamped and self-published while seek a home for the trilogy. But I won’t start rewrites until the trilogy is done.

Once I get through that, I’ll either start the next set of books set in Avoch or work on one of my unfinished books. There’s a couple that show promise, but got abandoned for various reasons. Outside of the urban fantasy series I wrote (and, yes, they’re on the list to be reworked – book 4 will be finished at last), I much prefer sword and sorcery fantasy. The wips that got put aside don’t fit into that genre, and that may be why they never got finished.

I’m not saying they’re not good stories, at least to the point where I got them, but I fell out of love with the world, the characters. Unless I can find that again, they’ll stay as they are.

We were supposed to get snow today, though it hasn’t shown up at our house yet. Tomorrow is my birthday. The son and I will go to a few shops in Tacoma, get some coffee, and I’ll watch some football when we get back.

Once gifts were opened today, pancakes were made. Things put away, packed into a car (daughter came home but left again before noon because of the roads where she lived), dishes done. Eventually, boxes were broken down and put in the recycle bin. I brought out my sewing machine and fixed a blanket for my son.

It’s been slow, calm, and low key. I like that.

I’ll make dinner in about half an hour, do some more dishes, take a bath. Then see if I can push past this one scene in ‘Sword & Soul’.

No matter the changes ahead of me, I refuse to put my muse back into a cage. I refuse to silence her again. Even when the words aren’t flowing, the act of creating the story makes me happy.

And that’s the end goal.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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