Small steps lead to big changes

Sidhe Viewpoint, West of Loch Ness, Scotland

So, this is 2022.

No big difference that I can tell. We still have several inches of snow on the ground. I have things that need to be done (laundry, dishes, bills, grocery run). Might go to a museum later today. I’m feeling the need to be either around & interacting with people or around creative things.

COVID didn’t magically disappear at the stroke of midnight. There’s thousands who are sick with it that will never leave the hospital alive. Thousands more who won’t get the vaccine or wear a mask because the 800k + in the US alone who have died are ‘lying’ about it.

Not sure how the mental gymnastics work on that, but I’ve given up trying to understand. Wear a mask. Get the shots. Lead a life that’s closer to normal than we’ve had for almost 2 years. Or get sick, end up on a ventilator, and eventually in a grave. Pretty easy choice in my mind.

Change rarely happens overnight. We’re not going to wake up after a good night’s sleep and magically eat better, exercise more. What changes habits, at least for me, are small steps. That first small pebble that hits the water is the catalyst that eventually becomes wide-reaching rings that head toward the shore. To that end, I took my one title down from sale this morning.

I’m rebranding myself as an author. The steps started last year, and it’s time to move forward with that. I’ve got a timeline for this year with regards to my books. Yes, some old stuff will be re-released. Possibly some new stuff.

I always hoped for the illusion that is a writer’s life; the big house, movie deals, enough cash coming in to support myself and my family. Trips to Europe to research locations first-hand, book signings at cons. Even an award or two. While those trappings would be nice, they’re not realistic goals.

I write good books that deserve to be read.

That’s the bottom line. Will I ever seen enough zeroes on an advance to quit the day job? Probably not. Same with the movie deals, etc.

I write stories that mean something to people. And that is the best goal I can have. To have one reader choose to buy one of my books and it makes them happy, makes them forget their problems, or helps them in some way. Because that’s what matters more to me. Not fame and fortune, but giving someone who needs it hope that the small pebble they throw can make a difference too.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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